The Rest


Small items:
not all are essential but can make your travel more comfortable or enhance it according to ones needs.
Reading book
- well actually, as we were out in the wilds, I would say that good topographical maps are necessary, one set in each group.
- In case you get lost in the mountains
Small calculator
- solar to avoid batteries (or mobile phone)
Zip-lock, or waterproof sealable bags
-good for keeping the small things in order in your backpack
Duct tape
-useful for repairing all kinds of things
Inflatable pillow
Ear plugs/
GSM Mobile phone + charger
- GSM phones work in New Zealand. If you have a Telia Refill or Comvik IQ card you can get it changed so you can make foreign calls.
Adaptor - for electrical equipment. Link
Adaptor - for telephone/PC connection. Link to UK type. Link to US type. Note: RJ-11 wired opposite U.S. style (outside conductors used instead of inside)
More things to come.....

We had a laptop PC with us. On it was a great mapping program for New Zealand ( where fishing spots had been marked. The level of detail was fantastic. There was also the possibility to connect up to a GPS. The program is good but it feels much better to have real paper maps with you.
Bought a Vodafone NZ Prepaid GSM card. It also has GPRS access (and a helpful Help desk if you don’t know a lot about GPRS). Why GPRS? E-mail to your mobile phone is a good reason and it worked well, at least where there was coverage. What was my telephone? A Sony Ericsson T68i.
I also bought a Yabba pre-paid phone card to use in normal telephone booths that were dotted all over the place (thankfully). This was much cheaper than the GSM calls.

Modifications 2005:
This time I am very likely to have a lap-top PC with me (rather than someone else carrying it last time). I shall definitely have my GPS with me (Garmin eTrex Legend). I have used this extensively during 2003 and 2004 and find it an excellent tool.

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