Choosing the right camera to use is not easy. My constraints are not the usual one of weight but rather safety of sorts. The last time I was here fishing I went swimming with camera and mobile phone on my person. They were not in waterproof bags and they didn’t work for a couple of weeks after their ordeal. This time I will take two cameras, one APS and one digital, and make sure that they are able to withstand any unforeseen dips. I would prefer my trusty Nikon SLR but the waterproofing problem made me decide not to take it. The APS camera is a Canon Ixus Z70 and the digital camera is an old Fujifilm DX-5 which is fine for producing web content.

Really proved to be different. The APS stayed at home and I took my Nikon S601 with me. It turned out to be a good move. The picture quality was better and also another of the group had a Nikon and a huge 300 mm zoom lens that I could borrow. I took a few pictures at a high zoom level as well as those that my 35 - 80 mm lens managed.

New for 2005
During 2004 I bought a digital camera - Minolta Dimage A1 - 5 Megapixels and a lens covering a span of 28 to 200 mm (35 mm film camera equivalent). That gives me better performance at both ends of the scale compared with my SLR set up. It will make maintaining this site a little simpler in terms of photo content.

Photo album

As the number of photographs taken was so high it was not easy to put a few pictures on a page and build the necessary code. My kind sysop has changed server and installed a php based photo album that really makes my work easier. Thanks!

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