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My pictures - The Fine Print

Personal use

You may copy pictures for your own personal use, but you may not change them in any way. Note, personal use is just that. It does not include posting pictures to your favorite mailing list, web forum, or similar - that's republishing them, which is anything but personal. If you want to tell people about these fantastic pictures post the URL, not the photo.

Non-commercial website use

Link and/or copy away. Please remember:

The pictures may not be changed in any way. Three reasons for that: they contain embedded info (you can see it if your photo editing program can read IPTC), I want my name and URL to be legible, so please put this: "Photo copyright Martin Crowther, http://www.crowther.me.uk" right next to every picture you've used. Thanks.

Commercial use

Rights to use pictures in online and print publications are one of the ways I put butter on my bread. So ask me -- or make me an offer.

Use in journals

If it's a journal, use away. If you need larger pictures just ask me - for those, I request a copy or two of the journal in return (unless I subscribe, in which case I expect the subscription be extended a copy or two). I'll also require photographer credits.

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