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The list and comments below refer primarily to the 2003 trip. Again, I have to point out that this is my personal list based on what I have and what I found useful on my previous trips to New Zealand.

My fishing equipment list:
2 Four piece class 5/6 rods - I donít expect a breakage but you never know.
2 Reels - One with floating and one with sinking line. It is quicker to change reels than lines
Lines - One floating and one sinking. You can also use a sinking leader on a floating line for nymphing. In case of breakage a spare line or two is a good insurance if you are in the middle of nowhere
Flies - See below
Tippets - from 0.10 mm to 0.24 mm
Fishing vest - Need I add that this is full of all kinds of bits and pieces? I wonít mention them here.
Knife - Sharp
Lightweight waders - Donít try to take waders with filt soles into NZ unless they are new and unused. The customs are tough on this!

The lightweight waders were not needed at all. It was just fine wading in the walking boots, with or without long trousers. Of course, they and my feet got wet but I felt that it was a practical solution. The weather was  pretty warm most of the time, and they dried out overnight with the help of stuffed in newspapers. Bought flies in various shops. They are not so expensive (between 1:70 and 3:50 NZD each depending a little on type and place of purchase).

Flies - a selection suitable for NZ:
We will be in NZ during the summer season and if 2001 was anything to go by there will not be much water in the rivers. What there is is very clear and the fish will see you as well as you see them. Likewise they will see your line. Nymphs are by far the most successful types of flies, but donít underestimate the terrestrials. The list below is in no particular order of preference. Note the hook sizes.
Fly pattern photos come from Many thanks Mike.




Caddis Dry


Deer Hair Caddis, Buller Caddis etc.

Mayfly Dry


Kakahi Queen, Twilight Beauty, Adams, Adams  Parachute

Horn & Sandy Caddis Nymphs


Brown & Grey

Mayfly Nymph


Hare & Copper, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail,  Halfback

Stone Fly Nymph


Green / Brown / Black

Attractor Patterns


Royal Wulff, Stimulator



Cicada, Black Gnat, Humpy (Green / Yellow / Blowfly), Hopper Patterns



Grey Ghost, Hamill's Killer, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Parsons  Glory, Woolley Bugger, Lumo Doll

Wet Flies


Dads Favourite, March Brown, Grouse and  Purple

Modifications 2005:
No fishing so I didnít take any gear with me. One the one day I went fishing for salmon with my NZ friend I borrowed some gear from him.

Modifications 2006:
In principle, no changes to my previous list except that I am evaluating whether the content of my fishing vest can be condensed into a fishing bag. I have a good one that can be hung round my neck or held in place by a waist strap. Most of what is needed during a days fishing can be kept there.

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