New Zealand 2003, 2005 & 2006

As time has passed this site has grown in size. It originally started to be a help to a group of fishermen who had a trip planned in 2003 and has found a use after that. My planned trip for January 2006 will be the sixth time in twelve years that I have visited New Zealand. Some photographs from my visits can be seen in my photo gallery which can be accessed through the photos section. A travelogue from the last fishing trip by friends from Årsunda Flugfiske Klubb can be seen here. In February/March 2003 I was there together with a group of ardent fishermen. We spent the whole time on the South Island and in addition to fishing we did some sightseeing, the results of which were documented by digital and conventional cameras and published on this web site. The itinerary is rewritten to show where we were. See updates.

My 2005 visit was also planned as a fishing trip but as the others withdrew for various reasons I went on my own. I didn’t get to do any fishing but spent time geocaching and sightseeing.

For 2006 I intend to combine all three activities so the result could be quite interesting.

The photo album is now back in service in a basic form. More site news.


The route we took is the red line on the map below. It was followed in a more or less clockwise direction with a few diversions here and there.
Map of South Island of New Zealand

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